[ Illustration: Flagge des Microsoft Business User Forums ]

The Microsoft Business User Forum (mbuf) is a registered association based in Munich. It is a platform for IT leaders of major corporations, authorities and public institutions, as well as of other organizations.

Our common aim: to come up with solutions based on Microsoft products and frameworks that help us improving our business processes.

We believe in a pragmatic, hands-on approach to the ever-changing challenges of complex IT infrastructures and an open, unbiased dialogue with Microsoft.

Both Microsoft Germany and the Microsoft Corporation consider mbuf a valuable partner. Our members represent more than a million Microsoft nodes. We have earned ourselves a reputation for being a critical but constructive association of major Microsoft clients. While many others still waste their energy in confrontation, we focus on teamwork and effective solutions.

To put it simply:

Others talk about Microsoft. We talk with Microsoft.

This website gives a deeper impression about what mbuf represents. It is held in German as up to now our members come from the German-speaking countries only. If, however, you are a native English speaker and want to inquire more deeply into our organization, please don’t hesitate to address us via e-mail in your native language. We will gladly provide you with all the information need in your preferred language.